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Plexus Scientific Corporation offers a series of field test kits designed to detect and identify trace levels of drugs, explosives and explosive residues, and various forms of forensic evidence.


Plexus has also developed and successfully implemented Program Performance Manager (PPM), a leading software solution that enables government agencies to track, measure and demonstrate program effectiveness, manage risks, and generate GPRA and other reports more efficiently.




EXPRAY and DropEx explosive detection products can be used as an investigative aid to distiguish between explosive and non-explosive material.

The drug detection kits' "On the spot" reaction provides a testing process that is convenient, fast and efficient.

Program Performance Manager (PPM) is a web-based software platform that provides Federal agencies an efficient and cost effective way to track, analyze, and demonstrate program effectiveness, manaage risks, analyze data, and generate GPRA and other reports.


Forensic Investigation

Plexus offers a wide array of forensic and investigation products that provide a testing process that is convenient, fast, sensitive and inexpensive.

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