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Program Performance Manager

"However beautiful the strategy, you should ocasionally look at the results."

Winston Churchill

PPM enables you to monitor and track performance across programs, agencies, and offices. You can monitor and track your programs as program data is being collected.

Scorecard with Performance Gauges

  • On a single at-a-glance screen, easily navigate through the elements of your performance plan to see what's working and what needs improvement

  • Matches your organizational model, and adapts to how you organize and measure program performance

  • Performance gauge graphically shows you how actual results measure against your targets to readily determine program performance

  • Supports qualitative and quantitative performance measures

  • The screen is completely configurable to display the information that matters to you

  • Robust rule-based security manages who can see what

Sample Scorecard

Strategy Maps

  • Graphically see in one diagram the relationships among measures, goals, objetives and plans

  • Graphically represent strategies and the objectives and iniatives that have been established in support of the strategy

  • Strategy maps can be auto-generated to represent the hierarchical structure of the plan's elements

  • Balanced Scorecard an other types of strategy maps can be created to suit the needs of your organization

  • Strategy maps can be cascaded to link to greater detail

  • Color-coded strategy elements quickly show which areas are performing well, and which areas require further attention

  • Drill down into detailed performance information and graphical analysis, including any documents or glossary information associated with each strategic element

Auto-generated hierarchical strategy map
Sample Balanced Scorecard style strategy map

Qualitative and Quantitative Performance Tracking

  • For qualitative measures:

    • Track progress of strategic activities

    • Track acutal vs. planned start and end dates

    • Include performance ratings on any criteria (e.g., cost, quality, schedule, risk, stakeholder satisfaction, etc.)

    • Rule-based security manages who can view and/or enter the data

Sample Reporting of Qualitative Measures
  • For quantitative measures:

    • Set targets based on prior targets or results (e.g., past years or quarters)

    • Supports the "direction" for a measure (i.e., whether a higher value is good or a lower value is good)

    • Add narrative explanation of performance as well as footnotes for reports

    • Robust rule-based security manages who can view and/or enter the data

    • Automatically determine if target was met, not met, exceeded, etc. based on the entered data

    • Automatically determine year-over-year comparison of results (e.g., performance improved, performance declined by more than 10%, etc.)

    • Integrate with external data systems to display performance targets and results

Sample Reporting of Quantative Measures
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