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Nuclear Solutions Division

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Plexus-NSD, a division of Plexus Scientific Corporation, provides strategic consulting and services in the areas of radiation and radioactivity. 

Plexus-NSD's mission is to give clients the capability of cost-effectively protecting their workers, their facility, the public, and the environment from any adverse effects associated with the use of radioactivity and radiation-producing machines. 

Plexus-NSD executes its mission by consistently applying the following steps on every job assignment:

  • Developing a sound technical basis for every activity to be performed.

  • Codifying each activity's technical basis in easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement instructions.

  • Making sure the client has a thorough understanding of each instruction so that it will be effectively and uniformly applied. 

  • Implementing the instructions on behalf of the client only when it is cost-effective for us to do so.

  • Communicating all costs, scheduled and scopes of work for each job assignment before the work begins.

  • Standing by all pre-approved schedule and costs. 

Licenses & Certifications

Plexus-NSD is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 International Quality System Standard Certificate No. 08.002.1. The Plexus-NSD quality management system was audited and certified by an independent accredited register who confirmed that our nuclear services, consulting and instrumentation program operations are designed to ensure compliance with customer, regulatory and legal requirements.

Plexus Nuclear Solutions Division licenses and registrations:

  • Maryland Department of the Environment Radioactive Materials License (No. MD-27-105-01) which permits Plexus-NSD to take possession of radioactive material at sites where license doesn't exist, or when the site license does not permit certain activities to be performed. (This license can be invoked within the state of Maryland or in any other state under provisions of interstate reciprocity).

  • Ohio Department of Health - Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection License for Radioactive Material (No. 03219 990014) which authorizes Plexus to perform processing, storage, packaging, and shipment of radioactive material incident to surface contamination of structures, components, and items for purposes of unrestricted release. The license also authorizes surveys, characterizations, and remediation of radioactively contaminated structures, materials, soil, and soil-like materials. 

  • Tennessee Department of the Environmental and Conservation Radioactive Waste (Broker) License-for Delivery No. T-MD006-LXX.



Plexus-NSD provides services in the highly-focused technical areas of radiation and radioactivity, with an emphasis on radiation protection (health physics) and radiological engineering. 



Licenses & Registration
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