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Flexible Staffing

Plexus provides a wide range of services to fulfill each client’s requirements. Whether a client’s needs are short-term, long-term or for permanent placement of administrative, technical or executive management personnel, Plexus customizes the right person to fit each client’s individual needs.

  • Temporary

  • Temporary to Permanent

  • Part-Time/Full-Time

  • Skilled Professionals

Outsourcing Services

Plexus's expertise in human resource management allows clients to outsource their human resource requirements, eliminating the demands of managing human resources and human resource benefit programs. In all cases, Plexus fulfills the ever increasing demands placed on companies today to comply with the government’s requirements. This allows companies to focus their resources on their core competencies.  In all cases, Plexus fulfills the human resource recruiting and onboarding processes.


Managed Service Programs

Plexus's managed services programs include Electronic Medical Record Implementation, Payrolling, Project Management, IT Services, SBA Compliance and Certifications, Marketing Surveys, Business Development, Administrative Functions including A/R and A/P, 508 Audit Compliance, Labor Law, Affirmative Action Plans, Janitorial Services and Security.


Professional Payrolling

The use of professional payrolling  services for designated workers has become an essential part of an effective contingent workforce strategy. Whether it’s temporary staff, former independent contractors, returning retirees, or other essential workers,  Plexus offers payroll services that provide simple, cost saving solutions to our clients.   Plexus will payroll the candidates you identify and take care of all the government mandated paperwork including tax withholding, fringe benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.  Plexus offers a wide range of customized employee benefits and services all at competitive rates.  As your payrolling partner, we utilize our many  years of experience and expertise to focus on addressing the issues most important to our clients. With Plexus’s professional payrolling service, you will save time and money while gaining flexibility and peace of mind.


Training & Development

Plexus provides training to human resources in areas such as:

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Workplaces Ethics

  • Customer Service

  • Workplace Safety

  • Cybersecurity Awareness



Plexus provides our clients with onboarding services such as:

  • New Employee Onboarding and Orientation

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Corporate Compliance


Executive Search & Placement

Plexus works with each client to develop and define job scopes, skills, educational requirements and prior work experience qualifications.  Plexus then proceeds to the “human resource acquisition” phase where the client and Plexus reach a consensus on the successful candidate either as a full-time, part-time temporary or permanent employee.  Plexus maintains an extensive database of both professional and skilled labor candidates


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