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Energy & Sustainable Solutions



Plexus's Sustainable Solutions Group helps clients succeed even with limited resources. We operate with flexibility and low overhead to provide sustainable solutions that support our client's business, community, environmental, energy, and economic values.


We work on all aspects of programs that enhance energy security and sustainability, from stakeholder engagement, to technology programs, to studies/analyses, to remedial actions. We help develop energy and sustainability goals, identify sustainable practices, and coach implementation actions that move beyond compliance. We bring to each project the right mix of science, strategic thinking, sound judgment, and clear communication to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective results. Our support has helped clients achieve energy and sustainability metrics so as to become leaders in their respective agencies.



Energy Planning & Program Support


  • On -site Energy Program Support

  • Headquarters and Command level experience developing energy policy and guidance

  • Development and Facilitation of Training for building [DB6] Energy Managers

  • Outreach and Training related to implementation of energy initiatives

  • Legislative and Regulatory Analyses

  • Identification of Renewable Energy Opportunities



Sustainability Planning & Program Support


  • On-site Program Management Support

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Regulatory Analysis

  • Policy Analysis and Development

  • NEPA

  • Land Use Planning and Buffering

  • Natural and Cultural Resources Support



Facilitation, Public Involvement, and Meeting Planning


  • Community Engagement and Public Outreach

  • Facilitation

  • Process Design and Guidance

  • RAB, Site-specific local State and Regional Planning

  • Green Meeting Planning and Logistical Support 

  • Coaching


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