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Plexus was awarded a Best-In-Class contract vehicle through GSA.  These contracts are pre-vetted contract solutions that reduce the effort agencies need to purchase goods and services. This contract vehicle supports all groups within Plexus. 

OASIS Small Business Pool 3 is a GSA contact available for use by all Federal agencies as well as other entities as listed in GSA Order ADM 4800.2I,Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Service.  Pool 3 provides for task orders across a wide array of scope areas including: scientific services(e.g., environmental sciences, engineering sciences, life sciences), Management Consulting (e.g., strategic planning, strategy development, knowledge management, training and facilitation, business process reengineering); Program Management  services (e.g., cost estimation/analysis, regulatory compliance, project management, risk assessment, technical planning, integrated program management). The contract vehicle allows a variety of contract types including fixed-price (all types), cost reimbursement (all types), time and materials/labor hour, or a hybrid mix of contract types.  For more information, check out:

Contractor Capabilities for OASIS 

The core disciplines of the contract include:

  • Program management services;

  • Management consulting services;

  • Logistics services;

  • Engineering services;

  • Scientific services; and

  • Financial services.

OASIS has no program ceiling, a five-year base and one five-year option, and provides for long term planning for complex program requirements. 

The OASIS SB Contract’s Awarded DUNS Number and CAGE Code 

Plexus DUNS Number: 12-0485334

Plexus CAGE Code: 1RFC1

OASIS Contract Number: 47QRAD20D3142

Points of Contact

President and CEO

Jackie Cain


Vice President and Corporate OASIS Contract Manager

Kate Hutson


Reflecting our commitment to quality, Plexus has a full-time corporate Quality Assurance (QA) Manager who verifies that quality certifications are current and periodically audited. This emphasis on quality management significantly lowers Plexus’s and the Government’s project execution risk, and fosters client deliverables that are completed on time, within cost, and of the highest quality.


At the time of project initiation, a Plexus Project Manager develops a Project Management Plan (PMP) that addresses all relevant planning issues. This core plan includes several primary and secondary Plans including Risk Management, Staffing, QA, Communication, and Configuration Management. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which is the cornerstone of our solution, is also developed. The WBS forms the basis for cost and schedule, planning, organization, collection, tracking, and project control. The PMP also provides the framework for assigning responsibilities, and facilitates monitoring of schedules and deliverables. Applying Earned Value Management (EVM) principles, Plexus develops a WBS for each SeaPort-e project. Plexus uses EVM to measure performance and control costs. The resulting earned value analysis is used for internal reporting, and reporting progress to clients.


The Quality Assurance Plan defines the high-level quality assurance project steps including documentation and sign-off of requirements, development of test plans and test cases, conducting of peer reviews, unit testing, execution of test plans, reporting and tracking of defects, defect resolution, and customer acceptance testing. The measures used by our quality assurance process will depend in part on the type of project, but will generally include metrics such as number of defects found (expressed as a percentage of test cases passed), number of escaped defects (defects that escaped all internal quality processes and were ultimately found by the customer), cost performance index, schedule performance index, and customer satisfaction (if available).


The measures for defects are recorded and tracked using Plexus's Jira defect tracking system. Cost performance index and schedule performance index, which are two important EVM metrics, are measured and reported using Microsoft Project Professional. Customer satisfaction is measured, when possible, using a periodic customer satisfaction survey.


All work performed at Plexus is based on CMMI Level 3 processes. We continually upgrade our project management and development processes according to CMMI recommendations and practices. Plexus’s QA Program is ISO 9001:2015-certified. Our QA methodology establishes project delivery processes that are integrated with each of our control systems: Accounting, Strategy Management, Budgeting, Personnel, and Customer Relations Management. Each deliverable (including those done by our subcontractors) is reviewed by the Program Manager, Task Manager, Technical Team Leaders, and QA Manager to attain the highest degree of quality.

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