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If you are interested in career opportunities, please check our Careers page

Corporate Headquarters

5510 Cherokee Ave

Suite 350

Alexandria, VA 22312


Tel: 703.820.3339

Fax: 703.845.8568


Columbia, Maryland Office

7130 Minstrel Way

Suite LL130

Columbia, MD 21045


Tel: 443.319.8055

Fax: 443.319.8056

For information about Plexus products and solutions, contact our departments at:


Jackie Cain

Executive Vice President

Tel: 517.527.1214

Business Solutions

Michael McCrory

Vice President and CTO

Tel: 703.845.8613

Environmental Remediation

Ali Sadrieh

Vice President

Tel: 703.845.5620

Nuclear Solutions

Sean Austin

Director, Nuclear Services Division

Tel: 443.979.7231

Energy and Sustainable Solutions

George Carellas

Vice President

Tel: 703-203-1647

Safety & Occupational Health

George Carellas

Vice President

Tel: 703-203-1647

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