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Program Performance Manager

It used to take me 2 weeks to get answers to questions such as 'How many measures met their performance targets last year?'

With Program Performance Manager, I get answers in minutes."

Director of Performance

Federal Agency

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Collecting and consolidating program information takes too much time

  • Can't enforce standards

  • Generating GPRA and other reports takes weeks

  • Can't get answers to program performance questions

Though your staff works hard, spreadsheets, e-mail, and Word® documents are an ineffective means of collecting and consolidating information, generating reports, and tracking and demonstrating performance.

PPM Benefits

  • Manage strategic plans, budgets, risks, and performance from a single platform

  • Generate pre-defined GPRA and other reports in minutes

  • Create ad hoc reports to quickly answer specific business questions

  • Ensure consistency across programs, agencies, and operating divisions

  • Improve collaboration across the organization

  • Maintain organizational knowledge related to program performance

Program Performance Manager (PPM)

PPM is program performance management software that enables government agencies to develop strategic plans, define budgets, manage risks, and demonstrate program performance more effectively. The data collected can be used to efficiently generate reports and perform advanced analytics to quickly get answers to business questions.

How is PPM different from other performance mangement tools?

Unlike generalized performance management tools, PPM is specifically designed to support government programs and GPRA reporting. PPM provides an integrated platform for strategic planning, risk management, budget management, performance management, and data analytics.


Combined with Plexus's wealth of government experience and GPRA expertise, government departments and agencies rely on PPM to improve program performance tracking and generate GPRA and other reports more efficiently and cost effectively.

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