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Program Performance Manager

"You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless."

Charles de Gaulle

PPM helps an organization collaborate to systematically determine what it needs to accomplish, how it will go about accomplishing its goals, and how it will measure its achievements.


Our Program Performance Wizard and Strategy Maps help translate a strategic plan into an operational framework that is in alignment with budget, resources, and activities.

Program Performance Wizard

  • Non-technical users can quickly and easily enter program information (i.e., plans, strategies, objectives, measures, targets, etc.) via a step-by-step process

  • Enforce standards to ensure that the performance plan is articulated in a complete and consistent fashion

  • Configurable screens and data fields enable you to capture the information that you need

  • Link conceptual elements of a strategic plan to the operational elements to demonstrate an association between resources consumed and results achieved

  • Tie budget data to performance measures at all levels

  • Include budget and performance information in one system

  • Enter budget information mapped to your budget processes and sstructure or link to your existing budgeting system

Sample Wizard Screen for defining a measure

Workflows for auto-notification and approval routing

  • Determine and enforce who has review and approval authority

  • Auto-notify approvers when program plan elements are submitted

  • Know who changed what data and when through a "Track Changes" style of change log

  • More effectively manage data collection for program performance and budget

  • Provide audit trail of all approval activity

Sample Wizard screen for triggering an approval workflow

Review Strategic Alignment and Track completion with a strategy map

  • Visually see the alignment of activities and measures with the goals of the organization

  • Quickly track progress wtih a visual map of what's been completed, what's in process, and what still needs to be done to complete your strategic/performance plan

Sample strategy map color coded by completion status
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