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Forensic Detection

Nin Plus Ultra is an aerosol-based latent fingerprint development product for use on porous surfaces (e.g. checks, paper, etc.). Nin Plus Ultra dramatically shortens latent fingerprint development time. Prints begin developing in as little as 20 minutes but can be accelerated to 5 minutes with use of a wet heat source or microwave. Nin Plus Ultra does not damage the surface and does not cause inks to run. Nin Plus Ultra is quicker and cleaner than ninhydrin solutions often used for latent print development. Nin Plus Ultra contains active ninhydrin but avoids the aromatic hydrocarbons and ozone depleting substances often used in testing. It meets candle tests for non-flammability.

Ferrotrace is an iron image detection spray that reveals invisible iron traces left on a suspect's hands after touching a weapon. Ferrotrace offers superior sensitivity, convenience and ease of use over other currently available field tests. Trace amounts of iron residue can be detected on skin or other surfaces (e.g., paper) even when the weapon is no longer present. It is possible to quickly screen a large number of suspects or items by spraying Ferrotrace directly onto hands, palms, fingers or environmental surfaces. If the suspect was in contact with the weapon containing iron elements, the invisible iron traces will turn a dark violet color. This offers an excellent addition to crime scene forensic investigation. Ferrotrace can be valuable in corner investigations in determining whether the victim held or touched the suspected weapon. Positive reactions appear only from touching iron which is uncoated. Ferrotrace is non-toxic.

SPR Black and SPR White are aerosol-based fingerprinting products for the development of latent prints on wet, smooth, non-porous surfaces. These products avoid the messy cumbersome no field mixing of powders, water or other ingredients required by other products. The SPR product is superior to others due to the product modifications, which result in a prepackaged solution that is warranted with a shelf life of 1 year. As an investigative tool, SPR helps preserve and collect important evidence at the scene of the crime. SPR Black is for use on dark colored surfaces and SPR White is for use on light colored surfaces.

See-Through is a clear, non-conductive liquid that when sprayed on a suspect envelope or document will allow the user to clearly see the contents. See-Through dries in minutes and is effective on closed envelopes, paper wrapped packages, and manila folders. See-Through does not leave traces or watermarks nor does it cause inks to run.

It is ideal for inspecting suspect envelopes and packages for potential security risks (specifically substances suspected of being drugs, bio-agents and/or explosives). Foreign matter, such as a powder, appears as a darkened area in the envelope. See-Through provides an additional tool for crime scene forensics and has application in security and correctional institutions.


See-Through is available in 300ml, 200ml and 100ml sizes.

UV Trap is an oil-based, ultraviolet invisible identification spray designed to mark non-porous items (e.g. door handles, desks, etc.) for investigative purposes. The UV fluorescent particles are applied to a non-porous surface and when touched is transferred to the surface making contact. UV Trap offers several distinct improvements over conventional ultraviolet marking products.

  • First, UV Trap is an oil-based spray, not a dry particulate in either powder or pencil form. Consequently, it is not easily transferred to others.

  • Second, because the UV particles are embedded inside the oil, when a marked item is touched, the ultraviolet particles are safely deposited on top of skin cells making it almost impossible to wash off. The ultraviolet particles will remain on the skin for a minimum of 48 hours despite repeated washing with soap and water.

Allprint is a ready to use aerosol solution for the detection and visualization of fingerprints on light, non-porous, dry or wet, even oily surfaces (e.g. wax papers, candles). Simply spray with Allprint, flush with water, and fingerprints appear dark against the light surface.

BlueBlue is a unique tool for the development of footprints. Spraying directly on a non-porous surface reveals any undisturbed footprint patterns that exist. The patterns appear blue on a yellow background. Blue can be used on wooden, stone and linoleum floors and similar surfaces, which makes it an ideal tool for footprint visualization, when casting is not an option.


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