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With PPM, you can identify programmatic risks and tie them to your strategy and your performance measures. All of this data provides a source for advanced analytics to understand how risks are impacting the performance of your organization.  


PPM enables your organization to migrate away from managing risks via documents and email. It provides a secure, online system to consistently identify, assess, respond to, and track risks while collaborating across the organization. Robust, rule-based security determines the information that users can view and/or edit to ensure that they access only the data that they need.

Identify Risks

  • Define the risks and the risk statement for each risk that comprises the risk register

  • After the risk assessment has been completed, the risk register will display the overall risk score and other information related to the assessment of each risk

Sample Risk Register

Assess Risk Management Capabilities

  • Define existing capabilities that the organzation possesses to identify, govern, and respond to risks

  • Assess the organization's maturity level for each capability

  • Develop strategies to improve organizational risk management capabilities

Sample Risk Management Capabilities

Assess Risks

  • Categorize risks into one or more categories (e.g., Financial, Information Technology, Policy)

  • Classify the risk as internal, external, or both

  • Define the current controls that may be in place

  • Assess whether the risk can be avoided, reduced, shared, or transferred

  • Assess the likelihood and impact of the risk to compute the overall risk score

Sample Risk Assessment

Respond to Risks

  • Select the response type (e.g., Avoice, Reduce and Mitigate, Accept and Assure, etc.)

  • Define the overall, high-level strategy for addressing the risk

  • Define the implementation plan and timeline

  • Assign ownership and accountability

  • Define and report on detailed implementation activities

  • Define and track metrics

Sample Risk Response

Collaborate and Discuss

  • Start a discussion around a topic of conversation, similar to an on-line forum

  • Track and maintain a record in the system of all discussions relevant to the topic without having to hunt for emails

  • Subscribe to discussions and be automatically notified via email when a new comment is entered

  • Optionally send the comment via email to multiple recipients

Sample Collaboration/Comment
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