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Program Performance Manager

With PPM, generating reports specific to your organization takes minutes. Reports are complete and accurate and meet your requirements and standards. Approval routing assures program information is approved before reports are generated, minimizing rework and ensuring accuracy.


The business intelligence engine provides robust features for data analysis and ad hoc reporting to quickly provide answers to business questions.

Monitor, Track, and Report

GPRA Reports and more

  • Provide past years, current year, and out year views of programs required by GPRA

  • Easily articulate historical program performance, the strategy and plan for requested funding, an performance targets for the coming years

  • Quickly generate performance reports required by GPRA

  • Tie budget and performance data together

  • Filter reports to include only the information you need

  • Auto-format the information with footnotes, page numbers, and tables of contents

  • Robust rule-based security limits the information that is included in the report to prevent unauthorized access of information

Sample GPRA Reports

Dashboards and Analytics

  • Interactive dashboards provide the information in a highly visual format that is ready for presentation

  • Click on the dashboards to drill down into greater detail

  • Filter the data to focus in on the information that you need

  • Export charts for use in documents and briefings

Sample Dashboard

Ad Hoc Reports

  • Create ad hoc reports from the business intelligence platform using a drag-and-drop interface

  • Create visualizations that meet the needs of the business question being addressed

  • Filter and sort the data to suit your needs

  • Add totals and other calculations

  • Export data to Microsoft Excel

  • Export visualizations for use in other documents and briefing​

  • Create ad hoc reports from the search engine to report on the results that meet your search criteria

  • Build complex search criteria to focus on only the information that you need

  • Define the columns of information to appear in the result set

  • Sort the data by clicking on a column heading

  • Save searches for re-use

  • Export the search results to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

  • Rule-based security contols the information that is included in the report

Sample Ad Hoc Report
Sample Ad Hoc Report from the Search Engine
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