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Safety & Occupational Health

Plexus Scientific provides support for occupational safety and health data analysis, policy validation, implementation of safety and health initiatives, and executive level oversight of safety and occupational health management systems. We apply best business practices while continuously improving safety program performance through active management and employee involvement, innovative hazard prevention and control, in-depth work site analysis, and behavior-based safety and occupational health training.

Safety & Occupational Health Management System Services

  • Specialists in safety and health management program implementation

  • Safety and occupational health program and systems evaluations

  • On-site technical assistance

  • OSHA recordkeeping requirements/trend analysis/goals and objectives

  • Safety project management expertise

  • Corporate-level policy planning and guidance

Training Development & Execution

  • OSHA recordkeeping/300 Logs/NAICS determination

  • 29 COSHA 10- and 30-hour courses (general industry, construction and maritime)

  • Web-based training and hosting

  • customized programs (collateral duty safety/safety committes/union support)

Voluntary Protection Programs Assistance

  • Program guidance (by former OSHA VPP managers)

  • Comprehensive gap analysis of VPP requirements

  • OSHA 300 log review/NAICS determination/TCIR and DART calculations

  • Detailed action planning for VPP recognition

  • Customized technical assistance and support

  • Application preparation/annual program review and/or evaluations

Technical Safety Management Products & Tools

  • Workplace hazard tracking systems, anallysis and reporting tools

  • Program self-assessment tools

  • VPP information technology tools

  • Development of technical solutions using commercial and specialty systems

  • Web-based safety coordination and communication platforms

  • Employee perception and other surveys

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