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Nuclear Gauge Authorized User Training

Fixed nuclear gauge licensees often have one or more Authorized Users (AUs) named on their license. An AU is an individual with training (operative word) and experience that meets their licensing agency’s requirements, and who directly supervises the use of the licensed radioactivity enclosed in the gauges that are in the licensee’s inventory.

Plexus-NSD is pleased to provide initial and refresher training for nuclear gauge AUs that meets both U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Agreement State requirements. Initial training, which includes a hands-on component, is delivered live and in person at the licensee’s facility. Refresher training can be provided either on-site or via webinar. The following is a listing of some of the course topics:

Radiation Safety
• Radiation vs. contamination
• Internal vs. external exposure
• Biological effects of radiation
• Types and relative hazards of radioactive material possessed
• ALARA concept
• Use of time, distance, and shielding to minimize exposure
• Location of sealed source within the gauge

Regulations and Requirements
• Applicable regulations
• License conditions, amendments, renewals
• Locations of use and storage of radioactive materials
• Material control and accountability
• Annual audit of radiation safety program
• Transfer and disposal
• Recordkeeping
• Prior events involving fixed gauges
• Handling incidents
• Recognizing and ensuring that radiation warning signs are visible and legible
• Licensing and inspection by regulatory agency
• Need for complete and accurate information
• Employee protection
• Deliberate misconduct

Gauge Theory and Operation (site-specific for initial training)
• Operating and emergency procedures
• Routine vs. non-Routine maintenance
• Lock-out procedures

Supervised Hands-on Experience (required for initial training)
• Operating procedures
• Test runs of emergency procedures
• Routine maintenance
• Lock-out procedures

While not included in the standard course, additional training can be provided for those AUs tasked with performing non-routine operations, such as gauge installation, initial radiation surveys, repair and maintenance of components related to the radiological safety of the gauge, gauge relocation, and removal of the gauge from service.  We can also provide training in the care, feeding and use of radiation survey instruments, if so desired.

Each student will receive a comprehensive course manual that should be kept for future reference. In addition, each student will be provided with supplemental information to facilitate discussion with employees and visitors about radiation and radioactivity. Last but not least, each student will also be provided with a course certificate indicating successful completion of the required training.

For on-site training, the site RSO will receive a training file that contains a copy of the sign-in sheet and each certificate, a course syllabus, and a description of the instructor’s qualifications. Our instructors are typically Certified Health Physicists (CHPs),and all have the level of regulator-approved education, significant experience in use, safety and license compliance for fixed gauges, and named as an AU on a Plexus-NSD radioactive materials license.

Contact Plexus-NSD for information when the next webinar-based class is scheduled, to receive early notification of when registration will open for up-coming webinars, pricing for on-site classes, and for webinar tuition (there are discounts if more than one student from a facility participates).

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